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Introducing the .338 Odyssey

Published by Odyssey Gunworks on

Introducing the .338 Odyssey
After a lot of discussion and design work by some incredible folks in the industry, I have decided to move forward with this project. I posted a topic a few days ago in several places about “Why we Wildcat” The answer was exactly what I expected. Because we can!

The prints should be finalized to go to the reamer within the next week. Test barrels will be soon to follow. I have had conversations with a few companies about projectiles for this cartridge that will expand down to less than 1400 fps and 275gr expanding subs. Also in the works is a 100gr +/- projectile that would have an instant transfer of energy on target and minimal penetration perfect for home defense.

The decision was made to go with Grendel brass due to the increase of case capacity over the 6.8 once shortened.

We will not know exact performance measures until we get a few of these out for testing and you guys work your magic with available powders.

Mags will have to be modified but we should still be able to make a 20+ round solution viable.

Initial Quickload numbers show that this could be a viable hunting round out to 300 yards while still maintaining over 1200 ft lbs of energy with a 160gr bullet.

Let me know your thoughts. More info to come as we know it.

Pictured L to R
103gr Lehigh (will be modified)
200gr Hornady FTX
180gr Nosler Accubond
165gr Barnes TTSX
200gr. Speer HotCor

More on the way.

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